April 1, 2002 - Increasing domestic sales continue to lead HMC’s overall improved performance so far in 2002 with first quarter totals more than eight percent up on the same period last year.

In March HMC exported 79,487 vehicles 41.9 percent up on February’s figure of 56,024 and slightly 3.9 percent down on the same month last year when 82,671 vehicles were exported.

For the first three months domestics totaled 189,831 vehicles 22.7 percent up compared to 154,742 vehicles in the first quarter of 2001.

Overall figure up
Overall sales for March reached 149,644 compared to 110,331 in February representing a 35.6 percent increase. The figure also represented an increase of 3.7 percent over the total for March last year of 144,315. In the first quarter total sales reached 402,766, a 8.4 percent increase over the same period last year when total sales amounted to 371,607.

Domestic sales were also up in March at 70,157. That was a 29.2 percent increase over February’s total of 54,307 and a 13.8 percent increase over March last year when the figure was 61,644. Over the first three months domestic sales of 189,831 represented an increase 22.7 percent on the same period in 2001 of 154,742.

Domestic passenger car sales are 31,700 vehicles 34 percent up on compare to 23,651 sales February last year. In the first quarter 84,455 vehicles were sold compared to 77,642.

Domestic RV and SUV sales are up by 62.7 percent from 27,478 in the first quarter of 2001 to 44,694 this year.

Commercial vehicles up

Commercial vehicles sales were up in March at 22,128. That’s a 23.9 percent increase over February’s total of 17,855 and a 12.4 percent increase over March last year when the figure was 19,682.

Bus and truck sales are also up on the domestic market during the first quarter of this year by 15.6 percent and 27,9 percent respectively. Bus sales in the first quarter amounted to 26,198 compared to 22,653 and truck sales were 34,484 compared to 26,969 last year.

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