Aug. 1, 2002 - Hyundai Motor Company maintained its domestic and export sales growth with its successful launch of the Click and new Accent in July 2002. Hyundai Motor grabbed a 54.3 percent share of the Korean market.

July sales figures show a 67.3 percent increase at 155,630 units compared to 93,045 units in June. HMC showed a 4.3 percent increase for the year to date and it reached a total of 970,439 units compared to 930,061 units for the same period of last year.

HMC increased its exports 86.9 percent, reaching 86,268 units, compare to 46,151 units last month and also showed a 40.7 percent increase from 61,319 units the same month of last year.

Domestic sales for July reached 69,362, a 47.9 percent increase over June and for the year to date, totaling 454,940 units, up by 10.7 percent from last year.

Small passenger vehicle record in domestic market
Korea’s small segment leaders, Click and new Verna have strong demand by in their 20s and 30s customers. For July, Click and new Verna models each sold 3,007 units and 1,862 units, to record the highest market share of a 54.3 percent since their launch. In addition, these two vehicles have backorders of 3,600 units and 2,400 units respectively, due to booming export demand.

The company also saw its best month for passenger vehicle sales of 32,746 units, up by 44.7 percent from last month and up by 11.2 percent from July of last year. On the domestic, Hyundai Motor saw sales of its EF Sonata model pass 10,000 units for the month. Total sales for the last seven months were up by 6.6 percent from 2000, with 195,728 vehicles registered compared to 208,552.

SUV Sales Up at Home.
There was also increased demand for the company’s Terracan and Santa Fe SUV models, leading Hyundai to capture a 50.3 percent share of the Korean SUV market for the first time.

In the commercial vehicle market, Hyundai produced 8,814 buses during July – up by 34.4 percent from last month’s figure of 6,557. So far in 2002, 62,263 buses have been produced, an increase of 1.4 percent over the 61,430 produced last year.

Truck sales are up by 60.4 percent with 11,901 units, compare to 7,418 in June sales and up by 16.5 percent 10,215 units from the same month last year. The total truck figure of 2002 was 80,649, a 13.5 percent increase from last year when 71,096 trucks were sold.

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