March 4, 2002 - In February, Hyundai Motor has sold 54,307 units in domestic market – down 16.9 percent from the previous month and up 6.5 percent from February 2001. Export shipments also were down 27.6 percent from the previous month and down 24 percent from February 2001 with the total sales of 56,024.

The overall total domestic sales of 119,674 until the end of February were up 28.5 percent on the same period of the last year when 93,098 vehicles were sold. Exports showed a slight decrease of just 0.6 percent with shipments of 133,448 compared to 134,194 of the last year.

Slight decrease
February figures also showed a slight drop in export shipments due to reorganizing and installation works for TB production at Accent line in Ulsan. But, domestic sales soared with the EF Sonata still maintaining market leader status. Improvement in demand for commercial trucks and buses helped the brisk domestic sales with 21,972 and 16,582 sold respectively. Both sectors were up by more than 10.3 percent compared to February 2001.

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